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Consumer Design

From cell phones to power drills, sports equipment to bath fixtures, Phillips-Medisize’s expertise in the development of consumer products makes us an industrial design and engineering resource of choice for the most respected OEMs in the marketplace. 

Utilizing a design-through-manufacturing approach, we develop concepts from drawing board to packaged product.

Consumer Development

Phillips-Medisize’s state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, combined with extensive knowledge and experience in material selection, have set the bar for consumer products with optimal performance, size and aesthetics.

With resident experts in traditional plastic injection molding as well as multi-shot, metal, magnesium, thin wall, windows, and decorating, Phillips-Medisize is known as a one-stop shop for the design and development of some of the most well known consumer products in the marketplace.

Multi-Shot molding

Characterized as producing high performance yet aesthetically pleasing parts, multi-shot molding creates parts using two or more grades or colors of resin to reduce the number of parts requiring assembly and to achieve durable, molded-in graphics and soft grips on handheld tools and devices. 

Product examples include components for Sharpie™ markers, the Segway™ Human transporter, Sonicare™ electric toothbrushes, Moen shower heads, Black & Decker power drills, and Evans Rule tape measures.

Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

Used as an alternative to die casting, MIM allows for the production of small components requiring near wrought strength. Tight tolerances can be achieved on parts with complex, intricate features while maintaining cost parameters. Examples include racing bike shoe clips and scrapbook tools. 

Magnesium Injection Molding (MAG)

Weighing in one-fourth lighter than steel and one-third the weight of aluminum, parts produced using the MAG process (also known as Thixomolding®) can be found in electronics, hand-held devices, and sports equipment. MAG is quickly becoming the capability of choice for the production of consumer products that require dimensional precision, thin walls, and lighter weights. 

Thin Wall Molding

Consumer OEMs rely on Phillips-Medisize’s expertise in plastic and magnesium thin wall molding to develop housings that protect circuitry from the environment and user. With practical experience in materials, part and tool design, and high-speed processing equipment, Phillips-Medisize is able to mold uniform walls as thin as 0.040" that can withstand even the most extreme conditions. 


LCD lenses can be found in a wide variety of consumer products from cell phones to glucose meters to hand-held games. To meet the needs of these diverse applications, Phillips-Medisize has developed several processes for the production of lens displays. Phillips-Medisize’s program managers partner with OEMs to select and optimize the most advantageous method for each application.


Phillips-Medisize understands that aesthetics are just as critical to the success of a consumer product as size and performance. Our ever increasing range of decorating options includes painting, laser etching, in-mold decorating, electroplating, pad printing, multi-shot molding, hot stamping, printed appliqués, and our proprietary FORM/INTEGREL® process.

Consumer Product Manufacturing

With over 145,000 square feet of production space, Phillips-Medisize is equipped to handle high volume programs that number in the millions. By employing automatic material supply, close tolerance injection molding presses, process monitoring systems, and custom automation for assembly and packaging, Phillips-Medisize is able to ensure compliance to quality requirements. 

Quality requirements include tight control to specifications, and part repeatability for high-volume and high-cavitation production. Phillips-Medisize also has the ability to provide extensive product testing in the areas of shock and vibration, sealing, temperature, humidity, and chemical resistance. Utilizing a lean manufacturing operational strategy, the entire product development process is streamlined to improve profitability, customer satisfaction, and lead times. 

Program Management 

Adhering to Six Sigma quality efforts corporate wide, Phillips-Medisize’s project teams strive to meet or exceed your expectations for quality, cost, delivery, and overall service. 

Phillips-Medisize program management ensures your product is on the market quickly, efficiently, and profitably through:

  • Seamless flow-through from concept to production
  • Coordination and support of programs that may involve multiple tools, technologies and facilities
  • Efficient internal and external communication with the highest level of confidentiality
  • Primary customer contact for overall program specifics
  • Global, customer-oriented perspective
  • Cross-functional teams including customers, designers, engineers, manufacturing and suppliers


Consumer Applications

Phillips-Medisize provides consumer product design, engineering and development for a wide range of products and components:

  • Handheld electronics
  • Personal medical devices
  • Lawn and garden equipment
  • Sports and recreation equipment
  • Power tools
  • Bath fixtures



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